Garrard 301 by Artisan Fidelity 

After over a year in the designing, development and testing phases, we are pleased to introduce the Reference Garrard 301 classic Idler drive analog playback system (shown in African Padauk).     

Individually and as a whole, this precision analog playback device delivers a musical experience like no other.  Hearing is believing...  

Plinth Design 

Materials for our reference Garrard 301 plinth were carefully chosen based upon tested and proven predetermined criteria which involves ideal resonant characteristics, material density and individual tonal attributes.  Initially, synthetic multi layered bases constructed from German Panzerholz plywood and various combinations of aircraft grade aluminum stock along with a host of others such as slate and man made materials were carefully tested before settling on a final superior design.  In the end, carefully hand selected kiln dried domestic hard woods combined with premium Russian Birch plywood and a blend of ultra premium synthetic sealer resins were chosen ultimately for their liveliness and superior overall tonal attributes.  The use of an integral motor drain cavity has been implemented for proper dissipation of any unwanted excess motor vibrations. 

Garrard 301 Bearing

Noting the obvious compromises faced when using stock Garrard 301 Schedule 2 oil and Schedule 1 grease type bearings in both rebuilt and modified versions, we decided to forgo them both in favor of a modern precision engineered bearing solution.  The new bearing features a large bore stainless steel inner micro polished primary shaft surrounded by a solid precision machined stainless steel outer primary hull.  Inside, direct contact point bearings are Swiss laboratory grade Sapphire with close sphericity tolerances of less than a micron with typically < 10 micron wall tolerances.  Contact points are kept to an absolute minimum for dead silent operation.  For thrust plate material, an ultra low friction thermoplastic pad with low center porosity rests below within a sealed stainless steel bearing cap.  Low viscosity oil lines the new bearing internals.

Vibration and resonance 

Part of our design philosophy  focuses on the elimination of inherent unwanted vibrations affecting playback.  In addition to utilizing certain plinth construction techniques to combat these unwanted artifacts we have chosen to also incorporate Stillpoints Ultra isolation devices which we have found to be superior to all other materials and devices tested to date.

Garrard 301 Platter

A precision 27lb. main platter made from stainless Inox steel specially blended with carbon, chromium and manganese is key to elevating the Garrard 301 to another level namely in the areas of focus, silent operation and speed stability due to the enhanced flywheel effect, precision balancing and modern machining techniques.  

Linkage, Idler and Motor rebuilding

Once the main 301 chassis is disassembled and the entire array of linkage components including set springs itemized, these parts are transferred to our commercial ultra sonic cleaning station where they are striped and cleaned free of old oils, grease and environmental residue.  Prior to reassembling and testing, all linkage pieces are  carefully re-lubricated and coated using synthetic grease and synthetic oil based lubricants.  The Garrard 301 motor coils are carefully inspected and the housing disassembled, cleaned and bushings lubricated.   New precision motor bushings are installed if the original factory bushings are determined to be out of factory specifications.  The stock Garrard 301 motor pulley is replaced with a high grade marine brass pulley (50Hz or 60Hz).  Finally, each factory chassis rivet is painstakingly replaced, each and every screw head hand polished.  Coupled to the factory idler linkage is our replacement modern idler wheel using a blended durable rubber composite with a solid precision machined stainless steel hub which ensures minimal rumble and rock steady operational rotation.

Ground and AC wiring    

Cardas Pure Copper grounding posts are used in conjunction with cryogenically treated OHNO continuous cast Copper wire with Teflon outer jackets.  OHNO Copper power wires are terminated directly to a Schurter power inlet.  Cardas Silver Solder used exclusively.

Stock  301 chassis refinishing

Once the factoy linkage, motor, bearing, speed selector / pitch switches and aluminum control plates have been carefully removed from the chassis, we begin the process of refinishing the top main plate.  After the initial striping / sandblasting process, the stock factory chassis plate is prepped and primered then sanded before application of the Dupont automotive paint finish.  Multiple coats of high grade acrylic clear coat are applied after careful application of base color coats then cured and hand buffed to a mirror like finish.  Paint application process takes place within-a dedicated finishing room in order to maintain the highest possible quality control and finish standards.  

Destined to become the finest rendition of the classic Garrard 301 idler drive known the world over.  


Copyright 2012 Artisan Fidelity