Pure Copper Precision Universal Platter Mat

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Pure Copper Precision Universal Platter Mat


Mono and Stereo Review

"The Artisan Fidelity Pure Copper mat has a clarity and a transparency that makes music sound closer to real live music. This is especially true in the mid-range, where this mat has a wonderful combination of resolution, as well as musicality. Multiple voices and harmonies are separated and distinct, yet are also fully integrated into the music."

"One of the great strengths of this mat is that it has great resolution and clarity. Significantly better resolution than the other hard plastic mats that I have used, including the excellent sounding Goldmund Relief Mat, which is now out of production. Voices sound clear and organic, drums sound like sticks hitting on skin."

Artisan Fidelity Precision Universal Copper platter mat.  Record mat machined from a sold billet of high purity Copper with exacting aerospace flatness tolerances of .0004".  Audibly improved clarity, right/left channel focus, combined with lower noise floor and natural, resolving, articulate musical playback characteristics.


Material - Pure High Purity Copper

Thickness - 6.35 mm

Weight - 3.6kgs. ~ 8lbs. 2oz.

Outside Diameter - 295 mm

Machined Surface Flatness Tolerance - .0004"

Center Label Recess - Yes 

Spindle Hole - Universal

Made in USA 


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