Hand crafted plinths for sale

With few exceptions, each Artisan Fidelity plinth remains individually hand crafted to order. However, occasionally we do have a limited supply of inventory available for immediate purchase. Please inquire directly for further details including applicable domestic / overseas international air shipping estimates.


Garrard 301 Statement Plinth Dalbergia Cearensis

Rarely available stock. Artisan Fidelity Garrard 301 Statement series single tonearm configured plinth for sale finished and displayed in beautiful hand selected Dalbergia Cearensis, also known as Kingwood. Plinth features a brand new set of adjustable brass footers (not shown), Furutech IEC inlet, Locking OFC Copper Ground, and Ohno Mono Crystal Cryo treated Pure Copper AC Motor Wiring harness.  To the best of our knowledge, no higher quality, more musical Garrard 301 wood based plinth currently exists on the market, period.  Our skillfully applied high tech glossy clear coat finish is well beyond a typical musical instrument ie. "guitar grade" and multiple times more costly plus quite time consuming to finish, however, this thin ultra clear finish has several inherent distinct advantages, namely by way of longevity, resistance to environmental temperature and humidity swings with superior stability over time, unlike inferior hand rubbed oil surface based finishes and thicker lacquer polymers.  The time tested multi layer, tonewood + hardwood composite based damped internal design architecture ensures silent backgrounds and ample dampening for mass loading and direct coupling of the non-suspended Garrard 301 idler drive.  Internal cavities seal coated for additional protection against environmental elements.  The displayed configuration accommodates nine to twelve inch effective length tonearms.  Matched Kingwood tonearm boards precision milled from resonant damped German Panzerholz.  Heavy duty ISPM-15 stamped certified wood shipping crate included to ensure safe worldwide delivery.

Price $3895