Used equipment for sale

Updated 03/08/2019


Sperling L-1

Used, near mint condition Sperling L-1 turntable for sale. Approximately 2 years old. Gently used Robert Fuchs tonearm available for $1900 together as a package or separately. Includes original flight case, accessories and owners manual.

List - $39,000

Asking - $19,000 o.b.o.


Constellation Audio Virgo III

Gently used Constellation Audio Virgo III preamplifier for sale with optional DC Filter. Absolute Sound Magazine Editors Choice Award Winner 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017. This preamp was manufactured in 2017. Playback capabilities are tremendous, transparency, air and very musical with see-through neutrality. The base Virgo III list price is $32k with optional DC Filter $6k. Near mint, one meticulous owner since brand new. Includes original Aluminum billet remote control, box, accessories and factory manual. RCA and XLR balanced inputs and outputs. Being sold on consignment basis. No disappointments.

List price - $38,000

Asking - $19,985 o.b.o.

Worldwide shipping. Voltage set for 120v/60Hz North American, but can be internally re-configured for European voltage requirements.

No Trades.

Serious Inquires only please.


LaHave Audio Avaaza RAAL Ribbon Italian Ebony finish

Rarely seen LaHave Audio Avaza RAAL Italian Ebony for sale carefully hand crafted in Nova Scotia, Canada by designer Jim MacCleave and former RF Engineer Fred Conlon.  LaHave Audio is a little known but growing company who has been quietly designing superbly musical and accurate loudspeakers for 30 years.  The Avaza RAAL have been my defacto reference loudspeakers for the past couple of years, and possess a combination of musicality, tonal balance and see through transparency few can rival anywhere close to this price point, which is typical of LaHave’s loudspeaker design philosophy.  The Avaza design features a time and phase aligned array utilizing a RAAL ultra high bandwidth true ribbon dispersion tweeter mated seamlessly to a Seas Prestige Full Range Papyrus fiber 8" driver, air core inductors and premium resistors.  The RAAL tweeter may be used, or may be completely disabled, depending upon personal preference and room acoustics.  The full range speakers completely disappear when playing within the room and possess zero box coloration’s, they are nearly the definition of transparency.  Timbre, tone, vocal presence and clarity throughout the midrange frequencies is simply superb and transients lightning fast with visceral bass impact.  The RAAL wide range ribbon (dispersion application) possesses an airy, electrostatic like characteristic, due both to its extraordinarily low moving mass and wide frequency response (2kHz - 100k Hz Flat).  Condition - Age roughly 3 years -  Rated a conservative 8/10 cosmetic condition, but closer to a 9/10.  Operationally rated a 10/10 condition, no issues whatsoever and were never over driven, stored in a pet free/child free/smoke free environment and driven exclusively by David Berning ZOTL vacuum tube amplification.  Includes wooden shipping crates custom built by LaHave Audio.  Total shipping weight roughly 450lbs (2ea. containers) Pick up welcome, I am located roughly 35 min. from downtown Chicago.  Please call with questions. 

List - $16,695

Asking - $7995 o.b.o. SOLD

LaHave Avaza RAAL Italian Ebony & Soft Touch Micro Suede Black

Time and Phase Aligned

14" wide x 18" deep x 45" high

Maple Platform Base - 21" x 17" x 4" (Soft Touch Micro Suede Black)

weight: 145 lbs each

frequency response: 30 Hz - 35000 Hz +- 3 dB

power handling: 80 watts continuous, 200 watts short term

Nominal 8 ohms

Efficiency: 92 dB 1W/1m

Feet - Stillpoints Ultra SS (4ea.) per cabinet


David Berning Co ZOTL Custom Mono Amps and Berning Octal Preamp

Very rare opportunity. One-of-a-kind pair of custom made, bespoke David Berning Co. pure vacuum tube ZOTL mono block amplifiers and Berning Octal capacitance coupled pure vacuum RIAA + Line level preamp with external power supply for sale.

I can guarantee you will not find another pair of Berning ZOTL vacuum tube mono blocks quite like these. They are amazingly musical, transparent and dynamic with authority plus amazing drive. David Berning is a genius designer who has remained at the forefront of cutting edge vacuum tube amplification since the mid 1970's. These have been my personal reference amplifiers for a number of years and are supremely reliable, having never required any service. For personal reasons, I have decided to reluctantly offer them for sale to the right discerning buyer and music lover. These over engineered ZOTL mono amplifiers as you may guess from the photographs are very powerful with enormous headroom. Berning ZOTL amplifiers are renowned for delivering musicality, raw lightning fast dynamic transients, power, thunderous low bass authority and articulation with refinement in spades. Many special upgrades almost too numerous to list. Refer below for some details about these extraordinary, ultra reliable vacuum tube amps.

Together with the mono blocks, this is a rare opportunity to own a bespoke custom made, point-to-point wired David Berning Co. octal pure vacuum tube preamplifier with built in passive RIAA phono section section and outboard resonant switching vacuum tube power supply. Unlike Berning's later preamp offerings, this is a capacitance coupled design offering even greater midrange weight, palpability and body. Features many hand selected upgrades and component options. The line stage features NOS 6SN7 octal vacuum tubes with NOS 12SF5 tubes in the phono section. Playback is dynamic, clear and lively, offering a true 3D holographic dimensionality, with solid imaging and an open, grain free musicality with simply wonderful timbre and tonal characteristics. As an octal tube based design, this Berning Preamp requires a high quality, heavy, high mass equipment rack to perform at its best.

Asking - $19,490 o.b.o.

Berning ZOTL Mono Amplifier Specifications:

Output Tubes: (2) 6JN6 Triode / (2) 12AT7 and (1) 12AV7 (Per Mono Block x 2/ea.)

Power Output - Minimum 100W @ 8ohms per channel high current (Stable at lower impedances) will drive literally almost any loudspeaker, including dynamic and electrostatic / planar type.

Class A/B Operation.

Massive power supply features 500,000 microfarad filter capacitance total per ea./ Monoblock. This equates to 1,000,000 microfarad's total. = Tremendous headroom!

ESL Direct Drive capability - 5000 Volt per channel peak-to-peak configurable for electrostatic loudspeaker use only.

Ultra High Bandwidth Design and DC Coupled.

Fully balanced Internal Design.

Selectable 3-Way Feedback switch LOW, MED and NORM for proper matching of loudspeaker damping characteristics. No Phase compensation.

Patented Berning ZOTL Output Transformerless pure vacuum tube design.

Cycle by Cycle Auto Biasing vacuum tube circuitry.

Brown out surge protection circuitry built in.

Power Filter and Surge suppressor built in.

Input Impedance 50k

Custom point-to-point internals hand wired by David Berning.

Pure Silver Coils (Output - Spare set included)

Pure Copper Coils (Output - installed)

Jupiter Copper Foil Paper in wax Coupling Capacitors.

Pure solid core Neotech OFPCC Cryogenically treated internal wire.

Pure Copper Cardas Speaker Binding Posts.

Furutech pure Copper IEC inlet.

Power Requirements: AC 120v/60Hz mains / 220v/50Hz configuration optional.

Dimensions external: L 23 1/4" W 13 3/4" H 15"

Weight: 60lbs./ea x 2.

Berning Vacuum Tube Preamp Specifications:

David Berning Custom Made Pure Vacuum Tube Octal Preamplifier.

Custom Made Black Aluminum Chassis and Vented Black Aluminum Power Supply Enclosure.

Capacitance Coupled Design.

Features Point-To-Point Wiring Internally.

Line Stage section: (4) 6SN7 octal vacuum tubes (Sylvania 6SN7 VT-231 NOS Chrome tops included.)

Passive RIAA Phono Stage section: (4) 12SF5 octal vacuum tubes (Note: Conversion to 12AX7 ~ 12AV6 single triode tube is possible by tube socket modification for lower noise.)

Outboard Choke Type Resonant Switching Pure Vacuum Tube Power Supply: 33JV6 vacuum tubes.

Cathode Follower Output.

No additional filters.

Turn On / Turn Off Auto Mute Function.

High Level Gain 18dB

MM Phono Stage Gain 46dB

MC Phono Stage Gain with SUT 64dB

Jensen JT-347-AXT Step Up transformers included (1:12 ratio configured)

Rear Phono Plug Resistor Type Loading (RCA) (Spare Loading resistors included) Line Outputs - 2 sets

Line Inputs - (2) Line Level, (2) 47k MM and (2) MC (Includes (1) pair for additional resistor loading plugs).

Jupiter Copper Foil Paper & Wax Capacitors (Line, 2.2 uf) Jupiter Copper Foil Paper & Wax Capacitors (Phono)

Ceramic & Teflon Tube Sockets.

Cardas Pure Copper Ground Post.

Furutech Gold Plated IEC inlet.

GoldPoint 50K Stepped Volume Attenuator

GoldPoint Selector Switch 2-Pole / 5-position

Cardas Gold Plated Female RCA Input / Output Jacks


Van den hul Colibri XGP MK.2 sped Blackwood Grenadille

Gently used trade-in Van den Hul Colibri XGP Mk.2 SPED upgraded just back from factory service, check up and inspection. Gold Coils, 0.38mv output, suspension factory optimized for medium mass tonearms. Hours of use roughly 400 hours, which is still quite low for a stylus with expected lifespan of 3500 - 4000 hours. If you are seeking a cartridge with dynamics, speed and clarity combined with tonal + timbre naturalness, which excels with jazz, acoustic and vocals, this is an ideal fit. This VDH phono cartridge was a recent "A" stock client trade-in and guaranteed genuine.

"Van den Hul Colibri, the Ferrari of phono cartridges"

List price - $8400

Asking - $2895 o.b.o. SOLD


Thoress Parametric Phono Equalizer

Lightly used Thoress Parametric Phono Equalizer for sale made in Germany, vacuum tube based design, featuring adjustable RIAA deemphasis curve shaping, this phono stage offers many useful adjustments and multiple inputs with individual flexible resister loading capabilities.  In essence, this is a highly regarded, supremely musical phono stage, all internally point-to-point wired with plenty of gain, drive and dynamics and has the ability to cast an enormous sound stage with tremendous air and 3D layering.  Vacuum tube compliment:  (1) PCC88, (2) 12SN7GT, (2) PC86.  This special Thoress phono stage was originally purchased new, is roughly 2.5 years old and being sold on consignment, as our client is currently migrating over to an entirely solid state based system.  Currently, the phono stage is configured at factory "P1" input settings, for low output moving coil phono cartridges and customizable load settings which are presently configured at 50 ohm, 100 ohm, 100 ohm, 500 ohm, 1K ohm and 47k ohm respectively.  (1) Output = Stereo and (2) Output True Mono.  Naturally, these settings may be changed internally at any time per the end users discretion.

Manufacturers links below.

List price - $12,540

Asking - $6495 SOLD


Miyajima Labs Saboten L

Serious offers, please contact me directly.  Latest offering from Miyajima Labs Saboten L for sale, low output moving coil phonograph cartridge featuring their famed Cactus spine cantilever, Ebony body and Shibata status profile. Musical, weighty, natural organic presentation with more liveliness and air than previous offerings.  Well suited for use with medium-high effective mass tonearms.  Never used, only tested to ensure proper operational condition. Warranty included.  All original packing materials, worldwide shipping. 

Miyajima-Laboratory  Stereo cartridge -SabotenL  Specifications:
Impedance About 16 ohms (About 0.23mV output) Frequency range (-3dB) 20 Hz to 32 kHz Tracking force 3.0 g Stylus Shape nude Line Contact diamond stylus Compliance (10Hz) around 8×10-6cm/dyne Appropriate temperature 20-30 Celsius (most suitable 25 C)  68-86 Fahrenheit (most suitable 77 F) Weight About 9.5g Body Cameroon ebony 

List price - $4895

Asking price - $ SOLD


Technics Sp10Mk.3 NGS Direct drive

Mono and Stereo Magazine review Quotes by Richard H. Mak

“There is no music better to demo the NGS than Batman’s own music, or should I say Hans Zimmer and James Newton's original soundtrack “The Dark Knight Rises”, the bass notes on track Underground Army is not just chest pounding, but earth shattering! It reminds me of the sound of the thumper which the Fremens use to summon the Sandworm on the planet of Arrakis (a scene in David Lynch’s 1984 movie DUNE). It is the deepest “thumping” which I have heard from any turntable, including my personal reference TW Raven AC, and the VPI Titan which I recently review. It literally shakes the foundation of my listening room with solid deep bass “thumping”.

“The same explosive dynamics is carried onto The Battle on Ice in Prokofiev’s Alexander Nevsky with Thomas Schippers directing the NY Philharmonic (Columbia Masterworks MS-6306), on a lesser table, the recording can easily be turned into a garbled up mess, combined with ear-piercing edginess on the highs. The sound remained composed, with clear instrument separation and solid holographic projections. The weightiness of the instruments makes the presentation more forward, immediate, yet the acoustic space remains layered and three dimensional. It throws musical elements in all directions, creating an ever-expanding soundstage with vivid colors, and high contrast.“ Read full review here (Link)

Rare opportunity, a Technics Sp10Mk.3 NGS Direct Drive Demonstrator model is available for immediate purchase.

List price - $38,895 

Demonstrator - $SOLD


Magnum Dynalab MD 809T Vacuum Tube Internet Media Tuner

Gently used, one owner, 2-3 years old Magnum Dynalab MD 809T Vacuum Tube Internet Media Tuner for sale with Wi-Fi and Ethernet connect capability.  Playback characteristics are warm, musical with natural tone and ample spaciousness.  This was a gently used, single client owner unit being sold on a consignment basis.  Create and list your own personal radio stations at will, with literally many tens of thousands to choose from.  Magnum Dynalab needs no introduction, they are a legendary manufacturer who has been steadily perfecting the art of analog FM radio tuner design and now the latest in internet based radio, for over 30 years.  

Original Vacuum Tubes included.

Retail - $8000

Asking - $3895 o.b.o. SOLD