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Bespoke Analog




Bespoke Analog




Analog Product of the Year

The Singer Porsche of turntables. When listening to acoustic instruments, especially the violin and flute, their delicacy and sustain floats in mid, air captivating you. If you have been considering the ultimate expression of the idler drive platform we can’t recommend the Artisan Fidelity Statement highly enough.
— Jeff Dorgay, Publisher
I will say for the record and on this video, this is so far the best sound I have heard at the show.” Artisan Fidelity Achates SE
— Michael Fremer, Editor Analog Planet
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There is no music better to demo the NGS than Batman’s own music, or should I say Hans Zimmer and James Newton’s original soundtrack “The Dark Knight Rises”, the bass notes on track Underground Army is not just chest pounding, but earth shattering! It reminds me of the sound of the thumper which the Fremens use to summon the Sandworm on the planet of Arrakis (a scene in David Lynch’s 1984 movie DUNE). It is the deepest “thumping” which I have heard from any turntable, including my personal reference TW Raven AC, and the VPI Titan which I recently review. It literally shakes the foundation of my listening room with solid deep bass “thumping.
— Richard H. Mak, Mono and Stereo Magazine
Is the Artisan Fidelity even in the same league with tables like a Shindo, AMG, Clearaudio and other world class turntables. The answer is simple, yes indeed. It matches or surpasses any of these tables in build quality, beauty and most of all the way it plays music.
— Jack Roberts, Dagogo Magazine
The 12th Annual Positive Feedback Writers Choice Awards - The Best of The Best
— Jeff Day, Positive Feedback Magazine


Designed through passion, engineered with precision.  Providing optimized analog based front ends, modifications, cnc machine engineered upgrade solutions, restorations and exquisite hand crafted plinths for vintage based Swiss Lenco L75/78, Garrard 301 Schedule 1/ Schedule 2, Garrard 401, Garrard 501, Thorens TD124, Thorens TD125 and Technics SP10 Mk2/ Mk3 and EMT transcription record players.

Artisan Fidelity's hand built masterpieces remain individually sculpted by artists, machinists, professional finishers and third generation wood craftsman using a combination of time tested traditional and modern machining techniques.  Plinths comprised of German Panzerholz, select imported exotic and domestic hardwoods, project specific metals and modern synthetic sealers.  In certain cases, aircraft grade metal based alloys are utilized in key areas to provide added rigidity and desired tonal characteristics.

Constrained layer damping methods employed in select models aids in resonant tuning and mass loading.  Each hand crafted plinth and solely in house designed, serviced and tested analog playback instrument is crafted with pride and close attention to detail, each model carefully tuned by ear for superior musicality and lifelong enjoyment.


model tailored design

Waterfall Kewazinga Bubinga

Precision CNC Engineering

Incorporating modern computer aided design and ultra close tolerance machining processes. 



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Micro Suede coating

Utilizing the latest automotive finishing techniques including premium factory paint, micro suede and matte selections.