Professional Restoration

Artisan Fidelity restoration services involve individual factory model disassembly, frame-off rebuilding, refinishing and comprehensive refurbishing by hand. Each model treated with the same close attention to detail including deep ultra sonic cleaning, original equipment manufacturer specified lubricant, degausing and hand polishing.  Intricate parts disassembly, primary bushing inspection, replacement, bearing housing flush, spindle micro polishing, heat removal and fresh vacuum oiling of main sintered bronze bushings.  Manufacturer viscosity specific bearing oil is used to maintain the highest standard of operation and lowest friction, however, in certain cases modern synthetic spindle oil may be substituted.  Certain proprietary designed upgraded precision machined parts possessing ultra high tolerances which meet or in many cases, exceed original equipment manufacturer standards available for all makes and model turntables serviced.  Electronics and motors, including power supplies and control, logic and drive boards bench tested then painstakingly rebuilt by renowned electronics engineer and open reel tape machine expert Soren Wittrup / CS Electronics, a lifelong professional proudly endorsed by recording industry legend John Klett.  Hand selected, audio grade capacitors and premium Silver based Cardas solder routinely employed.  Preliminary and post service oscilloscope bench inspection of internals comprehensively carried out to ensure proper electrical and mechanical functioning.  Controller, contacts and power switches are striped and cleaned using electrical specific lubricants. 


Garrard 301 Schedule 1 Grease bearing & Schedule 2 Oil type bearing restoration

Limited 2 year Warranty

Brand new Replacement factory o.e.m. type Idler wheel with new rubber outer periphery.

Brand new 60Hz or 50Hz Brass Motor pulley.

Motor restoration including realignment, sintered bronze bushing fresh oil charge and primary coil check by a certified electronics bench technician. Note: custom wound primary ac motor coils available.

Motor carriage upper and lower suspension springs and rubber spring damper replacement.

Comprehensive frame off parts restoration, re-lube, grease and alignment.

Ultra sonic deep cleaning of linkage components plus spring soak.

Professional Zinc electroplating coating application for linkage parts.

Contact cleanse, polish and treatment of electrical contacts.

Main Bearing cavity flush, cleanse, ultra sonic treatment, micro polish shaft, fresh synthetic grease/oil sintered bronze bushing re-charged and lower gasket replacement.

Idler wheel carriage assembly upper and lower sintered bronze bushing oil cleanse, vacuum re-charge with fresh oil and brand new replacement spark suppressor module.

Brand New or refurbished vintage factory Speed control and On/Off switches.

Brand New or refurbished Factory Type Garrard 301 Controller Plates and rivets.

Sand blasted, striped, professionally re-spray painted main chassis plate factory automotive color or factory Garrard Hammertone color finish.

Resurfaced professionally re-painted Black Garrard factory aluminum platter with strobe markings, when applicable.

Polished Factory Garrard Eddy Current Brake disc.

Brand New Copper AC power cord.

Brand New or Factory refurbished rubber platter mat with Garrard factory logo.

48 Hour run-in & bench scope check.

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Thorens TD124 restoration


Technics Sp10mk3 restoration service



Comprehensive main bearing service, mechanical restoration, full electrical rebuild, scope measurement, rail adjustments, function testing.

Note:  Replacement NOS factory Technics MN6042 (IC) chip sets reserved for clients only and covered under limited Artisan Fidelity manufacturers warranty, not available separately for individual resale purposes.  Brand new replacement MN6042 chips manufactured by Fidelis Analog.