Designed through passion, engineered with precision.  Providing heirloom restorations, analog modifications, CNC machine engineered upgrade solutions and exquisite hand crafted plinths for Lenco L75/78, Garrard 301 Schedule 1/ Schedule 2, Garrard 401, Thorens TD124, Thorens TD125 and Technics SP10 Mk2/ Mk3 transcription turntables. In addition to analog playback instruments, we offer high end audio equipment sales, system design, calibration, comprehensive setup and consulting services. 


Artisan Fidelity analog plinth designs are individually hand built masterpieces sculpted by third generation wood craftsman using a combination of time tested traditional and modern machined techniques.  Designs comprised of German Panzerholz, select imported exotic and domestic hardwoods, project specific metals and modern synthetic sealers.  Various alloys and aircraft grade metals utilized in key areas of our plinths provide added rigidity and desired tonal characteristics.  Constrained layer damping methods employed in select models aid in resonant tuning and mass loading.  Each hand crafted plinth and soley in house designed plus restored analog playback instrument is crafted with pride and close attention to detail, each model carefully tuned by ear for superior musicality and lifelong enjoyment.

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Individually Hand Crafted Analog Instruments designed in the USA