2013 AXPONA Show Report Article written by Dave Thomas

"Let me begin by telling you about a room that many other people kept telling me was the best sounding room that they heard (and I concur).  It was the International Phonograph room which featured products from Artisan Fidelity, Wells Audio, Lamm Industries, United Home Audio and Verastarr cables.  Christopher Thornton of Artisan Fidelity was displaying a couple of absolutely stunning turntables: the Lenco L75 and a Technics SP10 MK2. Artisan Fidelity is a Indiana based company that restores and modifies classic turntables. I’ve visited their website on numerous occasions and marveled over the gorgeous pictures in their online gallery. But there’s nothing like seeing these beauties in person. They are absolutely breathtaking. The tables on display were both finished in a lovely high gloss black."