Kuzma 4Point 11 inch

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Kuzma 4Point 11 inch

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kuzma 4point

Differs from other tonearms by introducing several new and unique features. The new zero-play bearing is configured on 4 points.


Effective length 280 mm

Arm mount distance 212 mm

Distance from spindle to horizontal bearing 264 mm

Bearing type 4 points

Effective mass 16g - 18g Total mass 2050 g

Offset angle 19.5* VTA adjustment

Precise VTA tower Azimuth adjustment

Precise worm drive

Tube Conical Bias Yes

Max. standard cartridge weight 35 gram

Optional light and heavy counterweight Yes

Damping Separate vertical and horizontal damping

Detachable headshell Yes ( + 1 spare)

Arm mount Kuzma Standard

Wiring Crystal Cable Silver / Eichman RCA bullets, RCA box (75pF, Single 42 pF)

Accessories Protractors, Allen keys, cartridge mounting screws Options XLR, 5pin

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